Wedding & Event Trending: Food Bars and Cake Tables

Forget the guys trying the squeeze their way through crowds to offer you the mini quiche, when what you really want is the guy who has the somosas, but of course he is half way across the room and by the time you get to him, there aren’t any left. Well, a great way to solve the problem is a food bar! And it gives you another space to decorate for your guests to fawn over. The appetizer table, or food bar, is not only a place for your tiny delicious pre dinner treats, but it is also a visual feast that can really stand out and act as another elegant showpiece for your big day. Brides and Grooms are getting more and more creative with this new phenomenal trend and now it’s your turn!

Another wedding trend that has been a staple at the reception for decades, is the cake table. While it is true, that the cake is a masterpiece on its own, wouldn’t it be a fabulous idea to accent the stoic delectable to match your wedding? Ask our gifted designers to help you create the look and florals for your food bar and cake table. Let’s get foodie with it!

Here are some incredible edible ideas:

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