A Modern Day Cornucopia

Thanksgiving is a week away and with it comes the prepping- all the fixings, from the mashed potatoes and stuffing to the turkey and gravy. As the day draws near, our team at Ashland Addison Floral and Event Décor put together an inspiring tablescape for any Thanksgiving Table; a modern day approach to the traditional cornucopia.

We started with a long planter box as the base sitting atop a neutral tablecloth and runner. After a trip to the local produce store we filled the planter with amazing vegetables that provided a fresh color scheme of greens, purples, reds and yellows.

A tip for you when at the produce store: look for the seasonal deals, not only will it help keep the cost down, but it also helps guide you to the perfect harvest display.

The foundation of the display is from the greens of leafy lettuce, curly kale, decorative kale and a selection of home plants. From there it is a balancing act from placing the larger pieces, including acorn squash and deep plum eggplants to balance the color of the other fruits and vegetables. The great range of color can be seen in the reds and purples of the scarlet pomegranate, red radishes and grapes, while yellows and greens can be seen in the turnips, yellow squash and a selection of pears. To add a few more decorative floral elements the team added china berries, cymbidium orchids and magnolia leaves. Pillar candles and copper mercury votive holders were used to finish the tablescape. In the end, a luscious overflowing harvest display can be enjoyed as the family gathers to start the holiday season.

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