How to Care for your Echeveria!

Echeveria care is effortless compared to many other house plants. It grows well in assortment of vessels and thrives in sunny spots in your house.

Here are some helpful guides on how to best take care of your Echeveria!

You can place your echeveria in a shallow dish or a glass terrarium with river pebbles for a clean, contemporary look or place it in a potted ceramic container using a house blend of potting soil, sand and compost for a longer lasting option.

Watering care is the most important for your succulent. Only provide water when the soil or pebbles are completely dry. Over watering will cause root rot issues and ultimately kill the plant.

After a few weeks you should start to notice a root system forming and eventually it will produce offshots and flowers. We hope you enjoy taking care of your Echeveria and watching the beautiful plant grow.

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